Top 6 Things before Installing Your Modular Kitchen

In contemporary homes, modular kitchen is a boon. They are created to get the most out of the valuable space offered and make life arranged and comfortable in the kitchen.

Usually, the modular we know consists of wall units, floor units and long cabinets with space appointed for kitchen home appliances. Getting a modular kitchen for

The house looks simple- see the pictures, order it and get them installed. However, the reality is quite various. Kitchen design needs a great deal of planning. Prior to your order

Your modular kitchen just thinks about a few basics about your kitchen that we usually overlook. We have actually brought 6 basic things that you ought to keep in mind before

Setting up a modular kitchen gurgaon price. Take a look!

  1. Strategic position for benefit.

Cooktop and oven for cooking, sink for preparation and cleaning, and refrigerator and long cabinet for storage, these are the three vital parts of the kitchen.

The position of these determines the comfort and convenience in the kitchen. Since long designers and kitchen organizers have actually followed the standard concept of design.

The Golden Triangle. According to it, cooktop, sink and refrigerator should be placed in such a method that they are within 4-9 feet space with each other. This could be.


Accomplished easily if the kitchen remains in the shape of U or L. How? Well, look it here.

Here in this U-shaped kitchen the cooktop is in the centre, sink on its side, a long storage cabinet near the sink and refrigerator on the opposite wall of the.

Storage cabinet. Besides the refrigerator is the gadget enclosure with oven and microwave. It’s a small and well planned and comfy modular kitchen.


  1. The triangle of L-shape.

The most common shape for a kitchen is L-shape. The Golden triangle rule can easily be integrated with an L-shaped kitchen. Like here it is done in this image, cook.

Leading and refrigerator are put along the very same wall and sink on the surrounding. It is a great shape for little kitchen with an adequate counter to work and adequate space.


  1. Need for a break.

Make a place for one or two chairs in the kitchen for that much-required break from the tasks. Unwind with a cup of coffee or book or simply gossip with your family and.

Friends even while doing all this you can constantly keep a watchful eye on what’s cooking.

  1. Selection of materials

Selection of material will choose whether your modular kitchen will make your life easy or hard to keep. Select the products that are easy to tidy and.

It’s the kitchen! It will end up being filthy and oily after every cook. All steel cooking areas will look dull and cold.

And glass to make your kitchen warm, trendy and low on upkeep


  1. Classify to make it simple.

In a modular kitchen, you can have a different section to keep various kitchen fundamentals like spoon and ladles, utensils, groceries, perishable and non-perishable.

Food items … An ideal modular kitchen needs to have space for whatever. Plan it so that there are open and closed shelves, glass shelves, wall mounts, wall units, floor.

Units and if space permits a long cabinet too. Get some concept from here to make space for everything in your kitchen and keep it arranged.


  1. Well ventilated for freshness

No matter how convenient or lovely your modular kitchen is but everything will be a waste if it lacks proper ventilation. Apart from windows and ventilator for.

Natural freshness, install a good chimney that will keep the kitchen devoid of the smokiness of cold and strong smell of spices used in cooking delicious Indian.

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